Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

The Fascinating World of the Novel "Tsingtao-Wien-Kyiv"

Film director Ivan Kanivets continues to work on materials for the novel "Tsingtao-Wien-Kyiv". And now we have another video - a romantic teaser specially created for the YouTube Shorts platform.

A little about the plot

The action takes place in the summer of 1914. A young Lviv resident, Olexander, becomes a guest on a luxury yacht that is setting off on a trip around the world. One of its destinations is Tsingtao, a German colony in China, where the outbreak of the First World War catches the carefree travelers. In the whirlwind of large-scale historical events, Olexander must decide whether he is a loyal citizen of the empire or a Ukrainian.

Why is it important?

The plot of the novel "Tsingtao-Wien-Kyiv" is not only fascinating, but also raises important questions about identity, love, and the struggle for the self-determination in a collapsing world. The story of Ukraine's struggle for independence, as told in this novel, has many parallels with the current war. The protagonist will take the reader through the little-known pages of the first battles of the Ukrainian army, he will master the latest airplanes and at the same time search for his happiness. Olexander has to find a girl from the past who comes to him in his dreams in order to understand who his true love is.

Romantic Teaser for YouTube Shorts.

This new version of the teaser allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the novel in just a few seconds. You will be able to feel all the romance and drama that awaits Olexander and understand why this novel is not to be missed. Visit YouTube Shorts and let your imagination run wild!

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